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Re: RFS: eviacam

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your comments. I have (hopefully) addressed all the issues you pointed out. I have uploaded an updated version to the mentors site which appears to be lintian clean and pbuilds fine for sid. See below for additional details.

I see however some LGPL undocumented in debian/copyright.

Fixed. Added to debian/copyright

Moreover you may
want to explain about why the SUID bit is required on eviacamloader in some

Added README.Debian file saying why eviacamloader should be a SUID binary.

or so and move the SUID bit setting including creating a
group to postinst so that you limit the impact to an acceptable minimum.
Having an open root access for everybody on a system is quite a bit
too generous IMHO.

I don't like also having a SUID binary but it is the only way I found to raise the priority of the process. I've moved the "chmod" to the postinst script but I couldn't create a group to setuid to because the nice system call (see nice(2)) needs superuser privileges.

See README.Debian for additional details.

Moreover you can release 1.5.2 on sf.net and update the latest pointer too
so that debian/watch will work ok.

I've uploaded the source package to sf.net.

Please ping me again once these are fixed.

Here I'm :-)



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