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Re: RFS: eviacam

Hi Cesar,

On Wed, Aug 03, 2011 at 05:23:43AM +0200, Cesar Mauri wrote:
> Thanks for your comments. I have (hopefully) addressed all the
> issues you pointed out. I have uploaded an updated version to the
> mentors site which appears to be lintian clean and pbuilds fine for
> sid. See below for additional details.

Thanks for your work!

> >or so and move the SUID bit setting including creating a
> >group to postinst so that you limit the impact to an acceptable minimum.
> >Having an open root access for everybody on a system is quite a bit
> >too generous IMHO.
> I don't like also having a SUID binary but it is the only way I
> found to raise the priority of the process. I've moved the "chmod"
> to the postinst script but I couldn't create a group to setuid to
> because the nice system call (see nice(2)) needs superuser
> privileges.

I seem to have not expressed my idea correctly:
- Have your binary chmod 4750
- with uid 0 (thus the setUID) and 
- group "whateveryournewgroupname"

In debian/postinst that would look like:
chmod 4750 $BINARY
chown 0:$GID $BINARY

where $GID is the group id of the group you create in postinst.

That will make sure it gets the UID 0 correctly so that nice(2) will work ok
and also will make sure that only users of the group are allowed to execute

Does that make sense for you?

Best regards,

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