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Re: RFS: eviacam

* Cesar Mauri <cesar@crea-si.com>, 2011-08-24, 00:25:
I tried the dpkg-override way (I took mlocate package as reference) but I didn't find a proper way to reset ownership/permissions when the user chooses not SUID without resorting to chown/chmod commands. Thus I left the chown/chmod commands.

Running chown/chmod in a maintainer script on a file that is shipped by the binary package is (almost?) never the right thing to do. Please do use dpkg-statoverride.

I also took a look at the suid helper, and to be honest it doesn't look good:
- Exit codes of setuid and setgid are ignored. (Yes, then _can_ fail.)
- setuid and setgid are called in the wrong order. You should always call setgid first. - Unless I'm missing something, calls to seteuid and setegid are redundant.

I would strongly advise you against including the helper in your package.

Jakub Wilk

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