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Re: Feedback of strange experience

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

> Hi again,
> I tried again more websites with orca 2.30. Now I think if dual install
> is not possible, I will not follow with 2.30 because I see a lot of bugs
> on the Internet. For instance, h shortcut works on wikipedia and not
> here:
> http://traduc.org/Statuts
> On google, orca+tab doesn't work, whereas on wikipedia, it works. h
> doesn't work on google (1, 2, 3, 4... shortcuts don't work). Shortcuts
> work with random way. Maybe it's due to the fact I try it in lenny, even
> if are installed liblouis and python-louis dependencies.

Please report these problems upstream (to the GNOME bugzilla)
or ask on the orca mailing list.

> Well, I don't understand. If you reproduce all bugs I report, I agree to
> test future fixes. If not I prefer a dual install.

I am afraid there is currently no way to support dual-installation
of several orca versions.

> If not, I'll stay to 2.28, which works fine, especially with iceweasel
> :)

Fine, but that version is not officially supported by Debian.

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