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Re: Feedback of strange experience

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

> But orca 2.28 has limitations, in particular on the Internet.
> So I wanted to test orca 2.30 (2 years newer) to see improvements. But
> upgrading to testing is really impossible (I tried virtualising and the
> result is ... bad: upgrading stops because errors...).
> So I tried something I do when few dependencies are involved: this line
> in sources.list:
> deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian squeeze main non-free
> Then aptitude install gnome-orca. As few packages (dependencies) are
> involved, I upgraded. And so.......
> I'm pleased to see No I can enter A on braille keyboard without crash
> (bug I had reported).

Nice, so this has already been fixed.

> Then pidgin seems to be supported better. And so on. 2 problems: one
> "minor", one major.  Minor: in preference dialog, all tabs are not
> visible (general and speech are not visible, braille, shortcuts,
> magnifier are; some checkboxes are not visible (their contents).

What do you mean by "visible"?  I can't really reproduce this bug with
orca 2.30.

> Major: I have a enormous problem with iceweasel 3.5.10-1~bpo50++1.


> But if I see my google experience, I'm also surprised because arrows
> don't work. Is it normal?

Maybe you want to toggle "Grab focus on objects when navigating" in
the Iceweasel specific Orca preferences.  If you have Iceweasel
open, hit Insert+Ctrl+Space to fire up the app specific
preferences in Orca, go to the "Iceweasel" tab and
down to "Grab focus on objects when navigating".  Toggle it,
hit OK, and retry.

> Hence:
> - Is it because I use a testing package in a lenny environment?

Possible :-)

> - Isn't it possible to add the fix for my A keyboard in orca 2.28,
> (backports or fix in stable) avoiding an update?

If you can isolate the exact fix for orca 2.22 without upgrading
the whole package, we can think about a stable update.

> Isn't it possible to integrate improvements for pidgin (these are 2
> feasures I prefer so far in orca 2.30)? It would include a little
> patch on current package I guess?

Again, if you can isolate the exact change, we can maybe think
about a stable update, but we can not just upgrade to a new version instable.

> - Or do you prefer to fix the main bug I reported so that I would go
> on testing orca, despite strange conditions?

I dont quite understand what you are saying.

> Well I wait for your answer. I'd like a little update of 2.28 for 2
> issues I discussed, or an explanation and this enormous bugfix for 2.30
> if you prefer someone to test it.

You are aware that backports.org is not officially supported, are you?

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