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Feedback of strange experience


I want to promote Linux as accessibility
solution. But orca 2.28 has limitations, in particular on the Internet.
So I wanted to test orca 2.30 (2 years newer) to see improvements. But
upgrading to testing is really impossible (I tried virtualising and the
result is ... bad: upgrading stops because errors...).

So I tried something I do when few dependencies are involved: this line
in sources.list:
deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian squeeze main non-free

Then aptitude install gnome-orca. As few packages (dependencies) are
involved, I upgraded. And so.......

I'm pleased to see No I can enter A on braille keyboard without crash
(bug I had reported). Then pidgin seems to be supported better. And so
on. 2 problems: one "minor", one major.
Minor: in preference dialog, all tabs are not visible (general and
speech are not visible, braille, shortcuts, magnifier are; some
checkboxes are not visible (their contents). 

Major: I have a enormous problem with iceweasel 3.5.10-1~bpo50++1.
The most serious is to go to this page:

https://www.labanquepostale.fr/index/particuliers/banque_en_ligne/clavier_statique.html go to "Accès à vos comptes par l'écran de connexion", then there's a form: an identification number, then a speech keyboard (click on Activer la vocalisation). Tab makes the different numbers speak (0 to 9). Then a "Remettre à zéro" button, and VALIDER (you can test without accounts, only to check if button works). VALIDER is the most important: orca 2.28 sees it (I can click on the button (Enter/Space); 2.30 no. Impossible to enable it via Enter or Space. So I can't test more orca.
But if I see my google experience, I'm also surprised because arrows
don't work. Is it normal? I only can browse via global flat (revision)
or tab key, and in not perfect conditions. Well, really hard.

- Is it because I use a testing package in a lenny environment?
- Isn't it possible to add the fix for my A keyboard in orca 2.28,
(backports or fix in stable) avoiding an update? Isn't it possible to
integrate improvements for pidgin (these are 2 feasures I prefer so far
in orca 2.30)? It would include a little patch on current package I
- Or do you prefer to fix the main bug I reported so that I would go on
testing orca, despite strange conditions? This solution is good because
I can go on testing a more reactive release with better support for
pidgin, but... very hard on the Internet. Or is there a new approach I
didn't understand? Because on google, I find browsing hard really (no
arrows, only global flat... and I use braille display, I suppose with
only speech, it's hard).

Well I wait for your answer. I'd like a little update of 2.28 for 2
issues I discussed, or an explanation and this enormous bugfix for 2.30
if you prefer someone to test it. I guess the two solutions are not
impossible as they must be orca scripts changes. I'm unable to do this
but... maybe someone can do this... Can't we imagine to downgrade iceweasel part in 2.30? (I guess explanation about iceweasel support will help me understanding better).

Regards and good night,


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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