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Re: flite new version need a DD upload from mentors repos


Denis Briand, le Tue 30 Jun 2009 14:38:29 +0200, a écrit :
> dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/flite/flite_1.3-release-1.dsc

About the alsa patch, it includes a whole diff between an autoconf
2.57-generated configure and an autoconf 2.13-generated configure.  IIRC
usually people prefer to just re-autoconf during build, or at worse
include a diff between same versions of autoconf keeping only the little
bit that matters (here, AC_CHECK_HEADER(alsa/asoundlib.h)).

About alsa also, remember that Debian is not only about linux, for
hurd-i386, kfreebsd-i386, and kfreebsd-amd64 architectures oss should be
used instead of alsa.

Please add a ./debian/rules patch target which applies the patch queue.

About the -dev package, it now ships libflitefoo.shared.a files.  They
should rather be called libflitefoo.a as before.


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