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Re: flite new version need a DD upload from mentors repos


For things that are not related to accessibility, you should probably Cc
debian-mentors to get faster feedback :)

Denis Briand, le Sun 07 Jun 2009 00:22:03 +0200, a écrit :
> P: flite1-dev: no-upstream-changelog
> For no upstream changelog, I think is not a problem

That's pendantic indeed, I'd just ignore it.

> X: libflite1: shlib-calls-exit usr/lib/libflite.so.1.3
> For shlib-calls-exit I may see that with upstream team

>From the source code, this happens only on ENOMEM, so it's not so bad in
that it shouldn't happen so often. See with upstream how that could be
better dealt with, however. I'd personnally rather use abort();

> I: libflite1: no-symbols-control-file usr/lib/libflite_cmu_us_kal16.so.1.3
> For no-symbols-control-file, I fear it may cause some trouble on specific architectures

Actually I personally don't like symbols control file, as they just add
maintainship burden.

> X: libflite1: spelling-error-in-binary ./usr/lib/libflite_cmu_us_kal16.so.1.3 ment meant
> For spelling error in binary... very experimental lintian tag...

Woa, if that is not pedantic... No it's not an error indeed :)

>   * Bump standards version to 3.8.1.

That can be 3.8.2 now :)

Just a few additional comments:

- maybe ./debian/rules can use make clean?
- I guess you have forwarded the debian patches upstream?


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