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Re: Lynx and Unicode

Samuel Thibault, le Fri 02 May 2008 14:13:17 +0100, a écrit :
> Mario Lang, le Fri 02 May 2008 15:03:16 +0200, a écrit :
> > > Btw, I was thinking about maybe adding an option to setfont, that would
> > > automatically extend the loaded 256-char font with braille patterns.
> > > That would avoid having to write lat2brl, lat4brl, lat7brl, etc.
> > 
> > or lat1brl, which is what I'd like to use.
> > This also answers my question regarding duplicity.  Yes, I think
> > extending setfont (or whatever is actually non-deprecated these days)
> > would make sense, since duplicating all the existing fonts
> > seems like very bad and error-prone.
> Maybe it could be made more generic by permitting to give two 256
> character fonts. That may be useful for people who often use two very
> different scripts.

Actually it is _already_ implemented :)

I have added brl-{08,10,12,14,16} files to the linux-brl-console, and
you can simply set

CONSOLE_FONT="lat9w-08 brl-08"

in /etc/kbd/config!  I'll submit those to console-data as well.


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