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Re: Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

Hi All:

Sorry for the delay in getting subscribed to this - I've been working away on the last few stretches of the GNOME 2.18 release cycle.

Yes, I know this, but we were actually talking about
accessibility support in the Debian Installer.  There is a difference
between a full-blown desktop system that a user wants to
use to get work done, and the system that is used to install
the operating system.  I still doubt it is very
useful for blind people to use a graphical installer.  Especially
because of all the needless overhead.

From the orca-users list and from private e-mail, what I've seen is that this basically comes down to a user preference. Users will choose the distribution that suits their skill set, temperament, and philosophical points of view. From a high level, it's great that people have a choice.

Keep in mind that blind access is only one facet of the problem, and other disabilities are important, too. For example, magnifier users, people with physical impairments, etc., also need access. Much of the accessibility work these days lives in the graphical space, as do many of the assistive technologies.


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