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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

> Yes, but in text mode, you do not need Orca, there are existing soltuions.
> Orca, as I understand it, is a screen reader for graphical environments only.
> So the question stands, why would a blind user want to add the overhead that a
> graphical environment brings with it, if they can't even see the graphics?
> I'd find such a solution extremely inefficient.

My understanding of the discussion with Willie, which I also attended,
is that Orca is able to be helpful not only for blind users but also
for many other different disabled persons (such as people needing an
input device different from the keyboard/mouse (movement disabled

So, as far as I understand, the Orca approach would be far more
scalable to answer much more the needs of many disabilities.

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