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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> During the World Free Software Conference 3.0 (that bubulle, tbm and I 
> attended in Extremadura last week) I spoke with Willie Walker who works 
> for Sun on Accessibility and Speech.
> Willie is the lead man behind ORCA [1], which works with GTK and could 
> thus possibly be integrated in the graphical installer.

For speech and braille output, I ask myself why
a blind user would want to run the Graphical Installer instead
of the text interface.  What features does the
graphical installer add (except eye-candy) that is
not provided by the text interface(s)?

I agree that it would be useful to get the GTK
magnification features (and some way to control them)
into the graphical installer so that people with low
vision could use d-i more easily.

> There are major hurdles to take before we get that far. The main one being 
> that it has fairly heavy dependencies (including python) [2]. However, it 
> looks interesting enough to take a closer look and experiment with it.

A side project of this indeavor would be far more
interesting for the masses, namely getting software
speech synthesis into Debian Installer.  Currently, people
without braille display hardware can not really
use d-i directly.  It would be desireable for Lenny
to get something like espeak into d-i, and all the necessary
sound-card auto-setup that is required to make this actually usable.

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