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Re: access floppies

Frank Carmickle <frankiec@braille.uwo.ca> writes:

> I had an occasion to use the access floppies a number of times in the last
> few weeks.  I could not get any speech from speakup.

Oh my, this thing is really starting to hunt me :-).  Seriously, I recently
went on a bug squash for the access floppies which involved a very
strange bug in syslinux and various other things.  At the end, the access
flavour worked again, and I haven't really found time to do a retest since.
I'll try and have a look at it very soon (today is my birthday, so expect
something after the usual rehabilitation period).

> I have not yet tried the disks with a serial terminal or sighted
> assistance so I am not even sure how far they are really getting.

As you can imagine, this is also my main problem with d-i development.
I can't just use any workstation to try it out, I need special equipment
like a RealWeasel PCI and a second computer to do the terminal part.

> I am sorry that I dropped the ball on creating the udebs in the first
> place.  The least I can do is help debug them.  Can we work together to
> get the speakup floppies working?

Sure, just submit patches! :-).  OK, OK, I know I can't have everything at
once (at least that is what was once said to me), so I guess detailed feedback
is fine too :-).

> Also is it possible to get a speakup kernel in to the netinst or
> businesscard iso?  Because they are using isolinux now there should be
> enough room for a different kernel image.

Right, this has been discussed pervisouly elsewhere already, and it shouldn't
be too complicated.  I somehow insist on having working floppies first though.
It also means getting into debian-cd, which involes quite some requirements
for development which I haven't been able to confortable setup yet.


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