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Re: Festival with Gnopernicus to quick

Am Dienstag, 2. März 2004 16.46 schrieb Mario Lang:

Salve Mario


> > That doesn't sounds good because I'm interested in DECTalk together with
> > Gnopernicus. Is there (beneath the soundcard problem) an easy way to
> > configure Debians Gnopernicus with DECTalk?

[Detailed guidance]

> It would be desireable to work out a procedure to make this work
> with something like apt-src, but I have no time for this at the moment.
> Help is very welcome in this area.

IC, but I think I'm not the right person for this atm.

> > Another question:
> > ATM I know that gedit works good with Gnopernicus and Nautilus too. Do
> > you know a good IDE (perhaps Eclipse) and a terminal (which speaks the
> > command output too) for the work together with Gnopernicus (the speech
> > part)?
> I'm afraid terminal apps do not work very well with gnopernicus at this
> point. You might be better of running your terminal apps inside of some
> pty screen reader like yasr or screader.

Thanks for the hint I'll see what I can do. The person who wants to work with 
Gnopericus needs the terminal to see e.g. the java compiler error messages.

> And in respect to the IDE question, you know, you're talking to a long
> term Emacs addict, so I am probably far to much biased to try to even
> attempt to answer this.  In fact, I didn't even remotely think about
> looking at Eclipse yet, it's hard to find a reason to improve
> your state of well-being if you're already in heaven, you know...

IC ;-)
I (we) already looked at Emacspeak but the person who wants to work with a 
linux pc didn't like it because he comes from Windows(R) with JAWS (I don't 
know if you know it) and e.g. CTRL+C for copying didn't work.

> --
> CYa,
>   Mario | Debian Developer <URL:http://debian.org/>

Hey, thanks a lot for your help

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