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speaking emacs

Hello Mario, hello list,

my name is Leo, nice to meet you.

I love emacs (i use it for almost everything) and I'd really like to get
it speech-enabled. I have this general question: what is missing and
what can be done in a reasonable time? for example, is festival good
for that? I know it only has english and czeck open voices, but that is
not a long-term problem. Indeed, has it got any big problem like high
latency or the like? 

And what do you think of the new, cleaner interface speech-dispatcher?

The other issue is that emacs/w3 seems quite bad and unmantained, a
better bet could be integrating links2, for example.

In the next months i'll be working on an open italian voice for
festival. What else do you think needs to be done to get all
debian/festival/emacs/browser reasonably working?



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