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Re: Festival with Gnopernicus to quick

Mario Fux <foxman@lugo.ch> writes:

>> > I think this is rather a common behavior because I've got here atm three
>> > PCs (2 PCs and a laptop). One works (Debian woody and soundcard Creative
>> > Audigy) and two doesn't work (Laptop: Debian sarge and soundcard i810 or
>> > something - 2nd PC: Debian sarge and soundcard C-Media PCI (CMI8338/8738)
>> > onboard).
>> I knew that the i810 onboard card has this problem.  It is
>> also common to some laptop brands.  However, not being able to playback
>> odd sampling rates is still a very bad thing for a soundcard
>> to do, since digital resampling is not very nice.
>> My laptop for instance (JVC MP-XP7250DE) had a Trident card, which
>> does nicely work with odd sampling rating, and also supports
>> multichannel operations.
>> I'd still try and get a decent soundchip if possible.
>> In the case of festival, it's not that hard to fix, but
>> if you're going to use commercial synths at some point
>> (e.g. DECtalk or ViaVoice), you'll probably have a hard
>> time getting software-resampling to work.
> That doesn't sounds good because I'm interested in DECTalk together with 
> Gnopernicus. Is there (beneath the soundcard problem) an easy way to 
> configure Debians Gnopernicus with DECTalk?

Right now, I'm afraid there is none.  The problem here is that drivers
for DECtalk software speech require the DECtalk library header files,
which are not available for free.  Therefore, package gnome-speech
(which is actually the package responsible for gnopernicus's speech output
backend) can't be shipped with DECtalk drivers precompiled.

Right now, you'll have to do something like the following:

1. apt-get source gnome-speech
   This fetches the source package of gnome-speech, and unpacks it in the
   current directory.  You'll find a directory like gnome-speech-0.2.7/
2. edit debian/changelog inside of that directory, and add a new version
   entry, something like 1:0.2.7-1.00.dectalk.  This ensures that the package
   you're about to build is considered newer than the currently installed
   version of gnome-speech by dpkg/apt, and also ensures that whenever
   a new version of gnome-speech enteres the repository you configured
   in /etc/apt/sources.list it will also be considered newer than your local
   modification.  However, this also means that whenever there is a new package
   version in the archives, and you run apt-get update&&apt-get upgrade,
   you'll have to repeat this procedure.
3. Make sure DECtalk software is installed (including header files, note that
   they once shipped a version without any header files at all, so make sure
   to check this before you proceed.)
4. apt-get build-dep gnome-speech
5. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

You should get new .deb packages in ../ with you can dpkg -i.

It would be desireable to work out a procedure to make this work
with something like apt-src, but I have no time for this at the moment.
Help is very welcome in this area.

> Another question:
> ATM I know that gedit works good with Gnopernicus and Nautilus too. Do you 
> know a good IDE (perhaps Eclipse) and a terminal (which speaks the command 
> output too) for the work together with Gnopernicus (the speech part)?

I'm afraid terminal apps do not work very well with gnopernicus at this point.
You might be better of running your terminal apps inside of some
pty screen reader like yasr or screader.

And in respect to the IDE question, you know, you're talking to a long
term Emacs addict, so I am probably far to much biased to try to even
attempt to answer this.  In fact, I didn't even remotely think about
looking at Eclipse yet, it's hard to find a reason to improve
your state of well-being if you're already in heaven, you know...

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