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Re: Festival with Gnopernicus to quick

Mario Fux <foxman@lugo.ch> writes:

> Am Dienstag, 2. März 2004 11.51 schrieb Mario Lang:
>> Mario Fux <foxman@lugo.ch> writes:
> Salve Mario
>> > ATM I test Gnopernicus with Festival for a visually impaired friend.
>> > I use Debian testing on different machines but on each of them the
>> > festival voices speak to quick. I think approx. twice as quick as normal.
>> Just a wild guess, but is it possible that it isn't only just quicker,
>> but also higher?  I mean, does it sound like it's being played
>> back with double-speed?  If so, your sound-card is most
>> probably the problem:
>> Some soundchips do not allow for intermediate sampling-rates
>> except 11025, 22050 and 44100.  Festival's voices are
>> recorded at 8000 and 16000Hz.  If you play such a sample
>> on such a soundcard, it does sound as if it was played twice as fast.
> Yes, exactly this is or better was the problem.
>> > Do you have got an idea why this is so and how I can set it to a normal
>> > speed?
>> If my above assumption is correct, I'm afraid the only
>> soltuion you have is to get a decent soundchip.
> Fortunately it's not the only solution. See the link of Gilles (btw: Nice to 
> see you here, Gilles and thanks of course ;-):
> http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/cgi-bin/lists.cgi?config=festival_faq&entry=arunning_festival/speed.html

Ahh, great, I should have thought about this one, given
the high level of configurability offered by festival.

> For documentation or archive purposes here the solution:
> Put the following two lines into /etc/festival.scm
> (Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)
> (Parameter.set 'Audio_Command "sox -t raw -sw -r $SR $FILE -c2 -t 
> ossdsp /dev/dsp")
> and then restart festival with:
> /etc/init.d/festival
> This is perhaps something for the README.Debian of the gnopernicus package or 
> better for festival?

Definitely festival.  Are you going to file a wishlist bug (+patch)
or should I?

> I think this is rather a common behavior because I've got here atm three PCs 
> (2 PCs and a laptop). One works (Debian woody and soundcard Creative Audigy) 
> and two doesn't work (Laptop: Debian sarge and soundcard i810 or something - 
> 2nd PC: Debian sarge and soundcard C-Media PCI (CMI8338/8738) onboard).

I knew that the i810 onboard card has this problem.  It is
also common to some laptop brands.  However, not being able to playback
odd sampling rates is still a very bad thing for a soundcard
to do, since digital resampling is not very nice.
My laptop for instance (JVC MP-XP7250DE) had a Trident card, which
does nicely work with odd sampling rating, and also supports
multichannel operations.
I'd still try and get a decent soundchip if possible.
In the case of festival, it's not that hard to fix, but
if you're going to use commercial synths at some point
(e.g. DECtalk or ViaVoice), you'll probably have a hard
time getting software-resampling to work.

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