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Re: Gnome 2 + Gnopernicus + Gnome-speech

Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

>     Current consensus among the Debian GNOME people seems
> to be to release Sarge with GNOME 2.2.  That is why several
> libraries (including atk and at-spi) are not kept at their
> latest versions in unstable currently.  I attempted several
> times to convince the atk/at-spi maintainer to except those packages
> from that rule since they are very important infrastructure for
> Accessibility-related software.  However, I did not appear
> to succeed yet.  It currently looks like as if we
> will release Debian Sarge with at-spi 1.1.9 and gnopernicus 0.3.4.

I've been following this, and it seems like the gnome 2.4 transition
started Tuesday if I understand correctly.
They already uploaded a few packages, and they have 2.4 including most
of the a11y stuff at an unofficial repository.
The latest gnopernicus itself isn't there, but all the stuff it needs
seems to be. Gnome-speech 0.2.7 atk 1.4, at-spi 1.3.7 etc.
 I really hope these packages make it in.

I was going to wait until sarge release to try installing again, but if
the gnome a11y stuff gets updated I might try sooner.
If we could get speakup and emacspeak 18.0 in there in time as well this
sarge would be very up to date with accessibility.
As a matter of fact, I think as soon as they fix the daily isos I'll try
again so I can test that speakup kernel for you.

Justin Ekis

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