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Re: Gnome 2 + Gnopernicus + Gnome-speech

"Justin Ekis" <j_ekis@adelphia.net> writes:

> Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:
>>     Current consensus among the Debian GNOME people seems
>> to be to release Sarge with GNOME 2.2.  That is why several
>> libraries (including atk and at-spi) are not kept at their
>> latest versions in unstable currently.  I attempted several
>> times to convince the atk/at-spi maintainer to except those packages
>> from that rule since they are very important infrastructure for
>> Accessibility-related software.  However, I did not appear
>> to succeed yet.  It currently looks like as if we
>> will release Debian Sarge with at-spi 1.1.9 and gnopernicus 0.3.4.
OK, thanx Mario for the latest news.
> I've been following this, and it seems like the gnome 2.4 transition
> started Tuesday if I understand correctly.
> They already uploaded a few packages, and they have 2.4 including most
> of the a11y stuff at an unofficial repository.
> http://people.debian.org/~fpeters/gnome2.4
> The latest gnopernicus itself isn't there, but all the stuff it needs
> seems to be. Gnome-speech 0.2.7 atk 1.4, at-spi 1.3.7 etc.
Yes, I found these packages and tried to install them on my sarge
> system. after I have decided to compile gnopernicus from its source
> tarball. In fact, gnopernicus has compiled correctly but when I launch
> the startx script I obtain a lot of errors regarding pixbuf.c file and
> others and the other problem is that for example the latest metacity
> version can't be installed because it depends from xlibs 4.3.0 and I
> have only 4.2.1 on my system !
So I think it's a little difficult to install all these things ! Perhaps
> to install and use fpeters Gnome 2.4 packages I may upgrade to
> unstable ? what do you think about all that ?
Another thing : I wrote to Frederic PETERS a few days ago to ask him if
> he planed to build a 0.7 Gnopernicus package but receive no response
> from him for the moment.
So if you have ideas to help me installing all that ? thanks !

>  I really hope these packages make it in.
> I was going to wait until sarge release to try installing again, but if
> the gnome a11y stuff gets updated I might try sooner.
> If we could get speakup and emacspeak 18.0 in there in time as well this
> sarge would be very up to date with accessibility.
> As a matter of fact, I think as soon as they fix the daily isos I'll try
> again so I can test that speakup kernel for you.
> Regards,
> Justin Ekis
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