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Re: Gnome 2 + Gnopernicus + Gnome-speech

Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:

> can you tell me what is the best approach today to install gnome 2 from
> debian packages with Gnopernicus 0.7.1 and Gnome-speech 0.2.7 ? 
> Is it really possible or may we absolutely build Gnome 2 from scratch ? 
> I ask because it seems the newest Gnopernicus release is not packaged
> for debian and the last time I tried there was a problem with ATK (the
> version packaged for debian was too old). 
> So, please, let me know if things are better now ?

No, they are not.  See
for an explanation.

    Current consensus among the Debian GNOME people seems
to be to release Sarge with GNOME 2.2.  That is why several
libraries (including atk and at-spi) are not kept at their
latest versions in unstable currently.  I attempted several
times to convince the atk/at-spi maintainer to except those packages
from that rule since they are very important infrastructure for
Accessibility-related software.  However, I did not appear
to succeed yet.  It currently looks like as if we
will release Debian Sarge with at-spi 1.1.9 and gnopernicus 0.3.4.

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