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Re: DAM, DRAFT v0.1

Neil Graham <neil@cs.toronto.edu> writes:


> Aside from a few wordsmithing comments below, my only query has
> to do with ordering:  Do you feel the primary audience for this is
> disabled Debian users or developers/administrators?  If, as I rather
> suspect, it's the former, then perhaps those sections should be
> first.  This would also have the added advantage of saving the more
> advanced--or at least esoteric--material until towards the end.  

Well, there are few reasons for such a choice :
- tools and cookbook parts are supposed to grow (very ?) faster than
  guidelines part
- "inventories" and cookbooks, as "practical" stuff, are usually kept
  at the end of general documents
- I think that this manual shouldn't be built from disabled people
  specific standpoint : accessibility may interest everyone,
  admins/devels/... in particular.  Not minimizing their importance
  anymore contrasts with usual "self-centered" state of mind, and
  tries to ensure that potential actors feel better concerned.

I'll be more precise in intro part so that every reader finds relevant
stuff better.

Sure, if debiandoc outputs raises accessibility questions, they should
be discussed here.

> On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Boris Daix wrote:
>>      3.        Specific tools
>>      3.1.      Tools for sight-impaired people
> Some folks in North America might have substitued "Tools for Bind and
> Vision-impaired People", but of course that's simply a matter of taste.

not only I'm afraid... :-)

>>      This manual is designed to be helpful for impaired people on one hand,
> When used without any kind of qualification, an "impaired person" is
> generally assumed to be a drunk.  Might be kind of fun to write a HOWTO
> like "How to Load Debian While Loaded", but that's probably not what
> you're after.  :)  I'd suggest "disabled people" or "people with
> disabilities" here...

Arf...  Really funny !

I look forward language remarks as my english needs to be improved.
Please, e-mail them in private so that we keep noise reduced on the

Boris Daix

   "In Freedom We Trust" (IFWT)
    (C) 2003 by Boris Daix ;-)

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