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Re: DAM, DRAFT v0.1

Hi boris,

This will be a very valuable resource once it's completed, no question
about it.  Aside from a few wordsmithing comments below, my only query has
to do with ordering:  Do you feel the primary audience for this is
disabled Debian users or developers/administrators?  If, as I rather
suspect, it's the former, then perhaps those sections should be
first.  This would also have the added advantage of saving the more
advanced--or at least esoteric--material until towards the end.  

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Boris Daix wrote:

>      3.        Specific tools
>      3.1.      Tools for sight-impaired people

Some folks in North America might have substitued "Tools for Bind and
Vision-impaired People", but of course that's simply a matter of taste.

>      This manual is designed to be helpful for impaired people on one hand,

When used without any kind of qualification, an "impaired person" is
generally assumed to be a drunk.  Might be kind of fun to write a HOWTO
like "How to Load Debian While Loaded", but that's probably not what
you're after.  :)  I'd suggest "disabled people" or "people with
disabilities" here...


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