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Debian Installer disk with BRLTTY (alpha version)


I'm toying with this since November last year or so, but I just
managed to do a complete install with the brltty enabled d-i install
disk.  If anyone is interested and wants to have a look at
how current state of things are, give it a shot.  Just remember
to backup your data before you do anything, this is really
alpha quality, and could still have many potenially data-killing

You can get the disk image from:

Find my instllation-report for this disk at:

How to do it?

Since there is no reliable way to do display autodetection, you have
to specify your display type, and possibly device used on the
boot prompt.  The boot prompt appears approximately 5 seconds
after the first boot from the floppy disk.  You can hear when it prompts
you when your floppy drive stops seeking.

linux brltty=driver-code,device,text-table

For instance, for a PowerBraille display (driver code ts) connected
to tts/1 (the second com port) and a german text-table (de), I use:

linux brltty=ts,tts/1,de

After the installer finishes unpacking the initrd and loading (approx. 5-10 seconds
after the floppy drive finally stops seeking), you should see your
braillee display initialize, and have full access to the text-based installer.

Have fun, and be careful, you've been warned.

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