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Re: problems with the speakup kernel package

Kenny Hitt <kennyhitt@knology.net> writes:

> Hi.  I just tried to install the speakup kernel package.  I had just
> dist-upgraded the system from Woody to Sarge so I could install this
> package.
> When the system rebooted my synth started to speak but the system
> immediately hung.  Even pressing control-alt-delete wouldn't reboot.

Did you have sighted assistance to verify this.  I.e., does the system really
hang, or is it possible that just your synth output dies?
Where exactly does the system hang.  Before invoking init, after that, and if yes, where

> The system is a Dell Precision 410 with a P iii running at 500mhz.The
> synthesiser is an accentsa on com one.
> If you need more info, just ask.

Yes, every bit of info you could give is helpful.  As I indicated
several times, I do not own a speakup compatible synth, so I'm sort
of stuck if it comes to reproducing stuff. 

P.S.: If in any way possible, please do propper bug reporting against
the BTS, see http://bugs.debian.org for documentation on how to do this.

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