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Re: Debian Installer

Hi guys.  Over a year ago I made some Speakup enabled installers for
the Potato distribution of Debian but haven't tried with Woody.

I'll give an over view of what I did to make these installers so that
people will know how I made them.

First I downloaded the boot-floppies package and installed it.
Next I ran the make file with the check option I believe so have ti
check  to see if all the files like the kernel image packages and
others were on my system so that the boot floppies could be
After it downloaded around 30 megs of files I deleted the kernel-image
packages because I knew I'd be replacing them with packages that had
Speakup with all supported synthesizers.
Next I downloaded the kernel-source-2.2.18pre21 package and unpacked
the tar.bz2 file and patched it with Speakup sources and remade the
.tar.bz2 file so that when I made the new kernel-image packages the
default config file would be run as well as it would ask me if I
wanted to include the different Speakup options.
Next I downlpaded the source packages for all the kernel images and
made the binary packages from the sources.
This part takes the longest because the kernel is built as well as all
the modules.  
After building the kernel images you'll need to download the source
package for either console-tools or console-data and replace the
default US keymap with the one from
so that the default US keymap is now the Speakup one.  I never figured
out how to add the Speakup may in to the list so that the US and
Speakup maps would be able to be used in the installers so I assumed
that if you want to use the Speakup map when installing you'll allways
want to use it...

After the build process for this package is complete drop this .deb
file along with the kernel-image ones you made in to the directory
that stores the files that were downloaded for the making of the
I'm not sure how much of this process still works because I haven't
plaid with the install process since I did that version so some of
this way still work, but I'm not sure.
All of this I'm doing from memory so I've probably forgotten a step or
two but this is roughly how I made the modified installers for the
Potato distribution of Debian.


On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 01:10:36PM +0100, Mario Lang wrote:
> Luke Davis <ldavis@shellworld.net> writes:
> > linux-speakup.org, has a Debian installer with speakup, if that is what
> > you desire.
> The latest information I have about the speakup-enabled woody
> boot-floppies is that they do not work.  Do you have any other
> information regarding this?
> Quoting the README for the woody speakup disks:
> "These are the woody bootdisks with speakup using kernel 2.4.17.  They
> were packaged from the 3.0.18 boot-floppies utils which are no longer
> current.  I will be updating them again in the next month or so
> depending on how much closer to release we get.  At that time there ..."
> Well, the release of Woody is not already nearly a year ago.
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