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Re: Debian Installer

Luke Davis <ldavis@shellworld.net> writes:

> linux-speakup.org, has a Debian installer with speakup, if that is what
> you desire.

The latest information I have about the speakup-enabled woody
boot-floppies is that they do not work.  Do you have any other
information regarding this?

Quoting the README for the woody speakup disks:

"These are the woody bootdisks with speakup using kernel 2.4.17.  They
were packaged from the 3.0.18 boot-floppies utils which are no longer
current.  I will be updating them again in the next month or so
depending on how much closer to release we get.  At that time there ..."

Well, the release of Woody is not already nearly a year ago.

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