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Re: Debian Installer

Kenny Hitt <kennyhitt@knology.net> writes:

> Is there a version of Debian Installer which will use a screen
> reader to give access to the installation program?
If you are saying "screen reader", what do you mean exactly?  There
is a "version" of the Debian Installer (currently under development)
which supports BRLTTY (a screen reader for braille displays).
I guess you are refering to a screen reader to drive some speech synthesizer?

If so, currently there is no effort undeerway in this direction.  I originally
planned to create a speakup-enabled flavour of the installer, but since feedback
from the speakup users was very low, I set aside this plan for sometime later.

What would the hardware be you are trying to use this "screen reader" on?
A hardware speech synthesizer, or are you aiming at software speech
synthesis + a sound card?

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