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Re: Steps towards a concept for the Debian Academy

On 27/09/2020 09:00, gregor herrmann wrote:
> Now that we have the infrastructure, a mailing list, a git repo, a
> moodle instance, an IRC channel, etc., I think it's time to start
> working on a concept for the Debian Academy.
> I've pushed a file called PATOMCIE.md [0] to our Git repo at
> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/debianacademy-team
> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/debianacademy-team/-/blob/master/PATOMCIE.md
> It contains the proposed model to develop a concept that some might
> remember from the storm pad; and as it received positive feedback on
> IRC I thought we might just try and use it :)
> Now for the procedure: My current idea is to go through it step by
> step, like taking one section per week and discuss it on the mailing
> list, gather ideas and feedback and form a consensus, and then write
> down the result for each section (maybe in a DebianAcademyConcept.md).
> (A more modern way would be merge requests and discussions on salsa
> but it least for me, mailing lists are still easier and nicer
> archived and searchable etc.)
> What do people think? Does this make sense?
> If yes, I'm happy to start with section 1 "Persons" in a couple of
> days.
> Cheers,
> gregor
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Hi Gregor!

Thanks a lot for this initiative and for retaking the work to have a
Debian Academy concept well ready :)

I think it is great to have the model to develop a concept in the
repository. I agree with you about having discussions per week for each
section to define together the contents and write them in the
DebianAcademyConcepto.md file. I find nice the proposal about using Git
for the discussions too :D In the meantime let's keep going though the
mailing list.

I think your whole proposal is wonderful and it makes sense to me. I
would like to start sharing my thoughts about section 1 Persons:

Who is involved, as providers (organisers, trainers) and participants?
A: Teckids and Dominik George are participating as providers of the
infrastructure as well as participants and organisers, Debian
Developers, contributors, users, Moodle experts, system administrators,
programmers, users and people interested to push E-Learning about Debian
Development are organisers, currently we do not have trainers and the
participants around Debian Academy to take a course should be Debian
users. We do want to have participants who would like to be trainers or
instructors to create courses and to teach, due they will be the core to
share the knowledge about Debian Development to Debian users who are
interested to learn how Debian is made and how they could help in
different areas inside the Debian Project.

What do we know about them, their explicit or guessed needs and
expectations, their prior and/or required knowledge, skills, attitudes?
A: We know the current participants are people committed with Debian,
Free Software and with interest to spread knowledge about the Debian
Project in an audiovisual way.

What do you think everybody? Is this a good way to start the discussion
around the section 1?


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