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Step 1: Persons (was: Steps towards a concept for the Debian Academy)

On Mon, 28 Sep 2020 22:43:26 -0500, jathan wrote:

> > What do people think? Does this make sense?
> > If yes, I'm happy to start with section 1 "Persons" in a couple of
> > days.

> Thanks a lot for this initiative and for retaking the work to have a
> Debian Academy concept well ready :)

Thank you!
> I think your whole proposal is wonderful and it makes sense to me. I
> would like to start sharing my thoughts about section 1 Persons:

Great. I changed the subject for this email thread, and I quote for
reply for others to comment and expand on:
> ###
> Who is involved, as providers (organisers, trainers) and participants?
> A: Teckids and Dominik George are participating as providers of the
> infrastructure as well as participants and organisers, Debian
> Developers, contributors, users, Moodle experts, system administrators,
> programmers, users and people interested to push E-Learning about Debian
> Development are organisers, currently we do not have trainers and the
> participants around Debian Academy to take a course should be Debian
> users. We do want to have participants who would like to be trainers or
> instructors to create courses and to teach, due they will be the core to
> share the knowledge about Debian Development to Debian users who are
> interested to learn how Debian is made and how they could help in
> different areas inside the Debian Project.
> What do we know about them, their explicit or guessed needs and
> expectations, their prior and/or required knowledge, skills, attitudes?
> A: We know the current participants are people committed with Debian,
> Free Software and with interest to spread knowledge about the Debian
> Project in an audiovisual way.
> ###

> What do you think everybody? Is this a good way to start the discussion
> around the section 1?

An excellent start IMO :)

I'm going to summarize and ask questions when we have a bit more


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