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Re: Four kinds of documentation

On 26/09/2020 17:50, Phil Morrell wrote:
> https://documentation.divio.com/introduction/
> Hi, sorry for the drive-by contribution, but Paul asked me to share this
> link about clearly identifying which kind of documentation your
> instruction falls under.
> In particular, Debian docs tend to be of the Reference kind so I doubt
> there's any need to cover that same material in Academy videos. It'll be
> natural for interested contributors to produce the first two types, so
> I'd like to encourage Explanation videos which would often be covered by
> a mentor.
Hi Phil,

Thank you for sharing that useful link and for your point about
documentation and explanation contents. How will you push instructors to
encourage explanation videos with the features you mention and which are
the "first two types" they could find natural to produce please?


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