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Steps towards a concept for the Debian Academy

Now that we have the infrastructure, a mailing list, a git repo, a
moodle instance, an IRC channel, etc., I think it's time to start
working on a concept for the Debian Academy.

I've pushed a file called PATOMCIE.md [0] to our Git repo at

It contains the proposed model to develop a concept that some might
remember from the storm pad; and as it received positive feedback on
IRC I thought we might just try and use it :)

Now for the procedure: My current idea is to go through it step by
step, like taking one section per week and discuss it on the mailing
list, gather ideas and feedback and form a consensus, and then write
down the result for each section (maybe in a DebianAcademyConcept.md).

(A more modern way would be merge requests and discussions on salsa
but it least for me, mailing lists are still easier and nicer
archived and searchable etc.)

What do people think? Does this make sense?
If yes, I'm happy to start with section 1 "Persons" in a couple of


[0] formatted in pandoc markdown
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