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Re: Using Debian funds to support a gcc development task

Hello Brock!

On 9/29/19 4:10 PM, Brock Wittrock wrote:
> 1) It was a simple enough request and reasonable in my opinion. I'm also glad that he was willing to ask in the first place because as some say, when you don't ask the answer is already no anyways, so why not ask?
> 2) I understand though why the other side sees his request as a bit outrageous from a user base and upstream support, perspective (among other reasons). In most cases, I'd agree that those are the perfect metrics to measure one's decision on for these kinds of matters in almost all cases. On the other hand, I see M68K (both the new and old hardware) as an important architecture to keep around for 1) keeping a wide variety of CPU architectures available for learning, understanding, and diversity and 2) historical purposes (although this is obviously the much weaker argument from a developer support standpoint -- I'd totally agree with that). I'm also sad to hear about the fate of mips(eb). :(
> 3) It's clear everyone in this thread is passionate about Debian, free software, and in Adrian's case, passionate about keeping the unofficial M68K port alive. This passion from everyone is certainly contagious. So kudos to all of you.
> I hope Debian will reconsider providing at least a small part of the funding and I'm positive the hobbyist community around M68K (as well as other avenues) can come together for the rest. I believe by doing so, it would show Debian doing things that prove itself as "the universal operating system."
That was a very kind message. Thanks a lot for confirming I'm not completely
alone in this thread.

Having said that, I'm going to unsubscribe from this list now as I realize
that what we do in Debian Ports is still not considered useful many others,
so I think it's not possible to find an agreement.


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