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Re: Debian on mac68k

On Wed, 24 Feb 2016, Mac User wrote:

> I always get an error that video slot interrupts were not able to be 
> disabled ("booting anyway"). Usually it's not a problem. I'll try 
> booting with extensions off.

The problem is very unlikely to be the video card.

> I don't have any opinion about systemd (it sounds new to me); versions 
> of Debian up to 8.1 use (or are able to use) rc init scripts on powerpc 
> and i386, and Debian 7.8 on sparc also uses init scripts.  I tend to 
> like whatever is faster and works best for low-memory systems. Text 
> editable configuration files are also nice.

I like the idea of systemd, but one size doesn't fit all.

> > In general, ADB works fine (on m68k and powerpc). Regarding the LC 
> > III, AFAIK, the Egret driver has always been unstable but YMMV. Having 
> > seen the code, I no longer take an interest in old v2.x kernels.
> Yellowdog Linux 3.0 with a 2.4.32 kernel and updated gcc and binutils 
> has been pretty stable on my nubus ppc 601 system (though it's only an 
> NFS server). Perhaps the better ADB code could be backported to the 2.x 
> kernels for systems that can't run anything later..

PowerPC machines don't have Egret chips.

To clarify, I was referring above to the Linux code that runs only on m68k 
Macs and not the Linux code that runs on PCI PowerMacs (which was always 
superior). I can't comment on the Nubus PowerMac port as it never went 

> > If you boot the old Debian 3.1 using a recent kernel then you won't be 
> > able to log in at the console, because the ADB keycodes were changed 
> > sometime after the v2.2 kernel. (I'm thinking of the IIfx, which does 
> > not need the Egret driver.)
> Sounds like it wouldn't work due to the keycode change.

For Debian 3 and earlier, current kernels generate the wrong ADB keycodes.

For the LC III, my kernel build has no Egret driver so ADB keycodes are 

For the IIfx, my kernel build has the IOP ADB driver and the keycodes this 
kernel produces work fine with Debian 4 or later.


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