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Re: Debian on mac68k

On Sat, 20 Feb 2016, Mac User wrote:

> On 2/20/16 7:09 PM, Finn Thain wrote:
> > The scsi stability issues can be resolved with the right patches. A 
> > timekeeping issue suggests high timer interrupt latency. If this 
> > problem affects recent kernels, we could look into it. If you are 
> > willing to test a recent kernel binary, I'd be happy to build one for 
> > you.
> Yes, I'd be happy to test a kernel binary, please also include a .config 
> file, so I could try compiling it as well.

I've built a v4.1.18 kernel binary with the relevant scsi driver patches. 
Some of these patches appeared in v4.5-rc1, others are not yet merged. 
Hopefully when v4.5 is released it will contain all of these patches.

This kernel is fairly minimal. It doesn't include any complex filesystems 
for example. But it is reasonably small considering that all of the 
drivers necessary to boot are built-in (no initrd required).

I tested this build on my Mac LC III and it booted from a scsi disk. It 
took a while. Sequential read from disk runs at about 22 KBps when using 
PIO on the LC III. The Mac IIfx will do better. But you could also boot 
from NFS or ATAoE.

For stability reasons, I've omitted the Egret driver. So if you use this 
build on a LC III or similar, you'll need to use a serial port or a NIC to 
log in.

You can download it here:


SHA1 7ccd23596a658bbe2d4bef29f8b4538316015eb4


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