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Debian on mac68k


I've installed Debian 3.1 (sarge) on a Mac IIfx with 32 MB memory and on
two Mac LC III systems each with 36 MB memory.  The installations (text
only, no X-Windows, Linux 2.2.25 kernel) are relatively stable (more on
that later).  I read that there's an effort to restart Debian support
for mac68k after Debian 3.1, but I haven't found much information about it.

I'm currently compiling Linux kernel 3.19.8 on the IIfx, but I may need
binutils > 2.15, so I'm compiling binutils-2.26 on an LC III.  The LC
III successfully compiled Linux kernel but I couldn't get it to
boot (may be an issue with binutils).

If there's an effort to build packages for etch or later, I'd like to
help, though I currently don't know much about how to build Debian
packages.  And I don't have a cross compiler for mac68k, only the IIfx
and LC III systems.

I was surprised that the IIfx is considerably slower than the LC III for
almost everything, and the internal clock on the IIfx comes to a near
stop when its CPU is busy (not so bad on the LC III).  All the systems
have SCSI stability issues if two or more disks are connected (phase
errors, timeouts).  Hopefully these will be fixed in some of the later


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