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Re: Atari TT

Serial output is just nice to capture kernel panic messages. We should get
none of those.

Hehe, speaking of the devil… peek over at gmane.linux.ports.m68k
for one trying to 'busybox mount -o remount,rw /'…
Good one... what was that run from - live CD, or ramdisk?
You'll want everything relative to Geert's queue I presume - I'll do that
first before rebasing the patches to Linus' tree.

Actually, relative to Linus' tree is just fine.
I don’t need m68k-queue, as everything I *really* need has
been added to 3.2.35 even. I just used it because it has
the (old) Ehter* drivers.
We'll see what I get done first - I've got to combine a gazillion commits into a few concise ones, doesn't really matter where I start that from.



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