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Re: Atari TT


> >Yep - so does the net kernel show any console output with the -s boot flag?
> >If yes, it's a known bug. If not, it's something new and sinister. I'd be
> >surprised if the TT behaved substantially different from the Falcon there. 
> Console as in, debug=ser, or on the video console?

Video, in this case. 

> gemini8, can you answer this?
> >> filesystem using MiNT is probably possible. It’s just the several
> >> hundred kilometres between the box and me…
> >
> >Several hundred - bah. How's 20000 for you?  :-)
> Unsurmountable. But what I meant is that I can’t just hop
> over and hack together on it.

Sure - but you could at least eventually drive there, travel by rail,

Once it's installed and running with network that'll be another
> >Anyway - I'll see what I can get with my current tree. 
> OK, thanks and good luck. You might want to consider

Works for me - I'll have to boot it repeatedly a few times to prove it's not
a fluke but reliable. 

> putting it into a(nother) branch off Geert’s, so we
> don’t lose it again ☺
That's not how it works - Geert has good reason not to accept every patch I
send in. Patches usually go to linux-m68k for review anyway, so the list
archives there should serve as a backup. 

I'll resend the network driver patches - slightly updated. I'll also add the
USB patch (that one still needs major cleanup). That should be a good base
to work from. 



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