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Re: Atari TT

Michael Schmitz dixit:

>Video, in this case. 
>> gemini8, can you answer this?

I got told this: “I get messages both on-screen and via serial console.
I get just the serial output without -s in bootstraps.
This behaviour is with every kernel I tested so far.”

>> Unsurmountable. But what I meant is that I can’t just hop
>> over and hack together on it.
>Sure - but you could at least eventually drive there, travel by rail,

Right, if not for monetary issues.

>Once it's installed and running with network that'll be another

That would also involve the need for portforwarding,
which doesn’t seem to be easy at his location.

Anyway, we don’t really just need the serial output
for the read-only filesystem issue but the video output,

>> putting it into a(nother) branch off Geert’s, so we
>> don’t lose it again ☺
>That's not how it works - Geert has good reason not to accept every patch I

Right, but…

>send in. Patches usually go to linux-m68k for review anyway, so the list
>archives there should serve as a backup. 

… I meant, so that someone knows these patches exist and
need to be processed with some urgency.

>I'll resend the network driver patches - slightly updated. I'll also add the
>USB patch (that one still needs major cleanup). That should be a good base
>to work from. 

OK, I’ll eagerly await review then ;-)

I want one of these. They cost 720 € though… good they don’t have the HD hole,
which indicates 3½″ floppies with double capacity… still. A tad too much, atm.
‣ http://www.floppytable.com/floppytable-images-1.html

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