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Re: Atari TT


> I got told this: “I get messages both on-screen and via serial console.
> I get just the serial output without -s in bootstraps.
> This behaviour is with every kernel I tested so far.”

Good - that's the expected behaviour. 

> >Once it's installed and running with network that'll be another
> >matter. 
> That would also involve the need for portforwarding,
> which doesn’t seem to be easy at his location.

Yep, I have a fairly dumb DSL modem here as well. Nees to have another go at
> Anyway, we don’t really just need the serial output
> for the read-only filesystem issue but the video output,
> @gemini8.

Serial output is just nice to capture kernel panic messages. We should get
none of those. 
> >send in. Patches usually go to linux-m68k for review anyway, so the list
> >archives there should serve as a backup. 
> … I meant, so that someone knows these patches exist and
> need to be processed with some urgency.

There's no sense of urgency at my usual glacial pace. 
> >I'll resend the network driver patches - slightly updated. I'll also add the
> >USB patch (that one still needs major cleanup). That should be a good base
> >to work from. 
> OK, I’ll eagerly await review then ;-)

You'll want everything relative to Geert's queue I presume - I'll do that
first before rebasing the patches to Linus' tree. 



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