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Re: kullervo

Eero Tamminen dixit:

>My subjective impression is that Thomas' image is 10x slower at
>booting and logging in, than the old Sarge image for Aranym:

Eh well, don’t compare it with something from the last century ;)

My baseline is the etch-m68k+unstable from ~2009 what was on
the ARAnyM image from Stephen Marenka where I started off.

Also, you do have to admit that the modern images do more… I
could’ve have thrown out udev, sure, just setting three links
in /etc/rc.local on top of devtmpfs works well (and in fact,
I’ve run all machines like that for years), but I specifically
made these recent image and tarball to be stock Debian, whose
defaults are a bit more universal.

Finally, I think boot times are less important than responsiveness.
Granted, sarge probably has us there, but… I found kde-plasma-desktop
usable. I’m not a fan of KDE 4. Sure, that was on a VM with 188
BogoMIPS and via tightvncserver (due to lack of X), but still,
that’s impressive. I’d still rather use icewm or evilwm myself,
though not just for the speed bonus, but it was *usable*.

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