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Re: Atari TT

Hi Thorsten,

> >Agreed - but you're using kernels without support from Debian already. Plus
> Only temporarily. And putting together an initrd is a PITA.

Can't speak to the initrd issue - never tried to build cross-initrds.

On 'temporarily' - there'a at least one commit in my network related stuff
that will never make it past Geert, let alone Linus. Without that, the EtherNEC 
driver will have its interrupt disabled if there's a short period with no
network activity. Some extent of temporary workaround will always be needed
unless someone finds a proper solution. 

Regarding the TT issue - MFP timer D (the one used to poll the EtherNEC for
activity) is used for serial interface clock generation on the TT. Should
someone revive the MFP serial driver - beware. Use the SCC port for kernel
debug messages only while running the EtherNEC in the meantime. 

AFAIR timer D was the only sort-of-unused one, that's why I chose it. Should
this become a real problem in the future, timer C can be routed via a
similar interrupt 'chip' mechanism as timer D. 

Has anyone tried the builtin EtherNEC driver on the TT? My attempts to
change the interrupt and timer startup code have been met with resistance. 



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