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Re: Atari TT


> >I'll need to clean up the timer D interrupt code regardless. Once the USB
> >code is working for NetUSBee, I guess.
> Mhm. Just remember that the networking code (and possibly everything
> related) can’t be modules ;-)

That's a corner case for the TT (or other low memory systems). We did use to
have special lowmem install kernels for such a purpose in the past. 

Is the kernel in question booted from floppy or disk? Would a compressed
initrd fit on a floppy? 

IIRC we had that work at some stage. It did need a few patches to ensure the
initrd decompression didn't clash with ST-RAM demands of later drivers (that
was the motivation for stram_reserve, by the way. So it should still work). 

Might be worth a try if the kernel cannot be otherwise shrunk beyond a
certain size. I have no idea how much room for modules would be available on
a compressed initrd that fits on floppy these days. 



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