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Re: Atari TT


> >Might be worth a try if the kernel cannot be otherwise shrunk beyond a
> >certain size. I have no idea how much room for modules would be available on
> >a compressed initrd that fits on floppy these days. 
> But initrds without support from the distros suck, too…

Agreed - but you're using kernels without support from Debian already. Plus
it's only a problem at install time (as soon as the install's done, a kernel
that has been aggressively modularized should do OK).

Since I'll have to pass all my patches through Linus' tree anyway, it'll suck 
in one way or another for quite some time. Short term minimum suckage may be
to get the network drivers built-in. I'll try and test the ne.c driver as
builtin with the patches I sketched out on my Falcon - if that goes OK I'll
send a proper patch against Geert's m68k-queue. 



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