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w-b DB access (was Re: [buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next)

Wouter Verhelst dixit:

>To make this a bit more practical and directly useful:
>ssh leda.debian.net # I see there's a 'tg' user there already; we may
>		      need to ask for a glaubitz one, too
>wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable --list=needs-build | head -n 10 # or so
># now pick one or more packages from the list
>wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable <package>_<version> [ <package>_<version> ... ]

Okay, a small stumbling block is left:

DBI connect('service=wanna-build-privileged','',...) failed: FATAL:  role "tg" is not permitted to log in at /usr/local/bin/wanna-build line 233
FATAL: Cannot open database: FATAL:  role "tg" is not permitted to log in

Aurélien, could you please allow me access?

>wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable --list=building # should now show your packages!

It shows arrakis is currently building \o/ Great!

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