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Re: crest & kullervo

On Sun, May 01, 2011 at 10:16:45AM +0200, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 05:23, schmitz
> <schmitz@biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> >> I picked up crest & kullervo a while ago. Today I tried to power them on,
> >> with not so much luck...
> >>
> >> Kullervo has a 250GB disk at the SCSI converter plus a 1GB SCSI disk. The
> >> small disk does not seem to spin up, it is trying though. Without this
> >> disk,
> >> kullervo boots but only to the workbench. There do not seem to be any
> >> Linux
> >> files, and no CD-Rom driver...
> >>
> >
> > I had feared that - old SCSI disks don't like extended downtimes.
> Not only SCSI disks, the same applies to IDE.

I guess, so it would be good to replace the old (boot) disks. I would
replace an IDE disk with an SD or CF to IDE adapter and a 1GB or 4GB card,
which is more than enough for AmigaOS kernel images plus all installation
files.  On my Amiga I put in an IDE flash disk for just that.  If crest
needs an IDE disk to boot, I would do it there as well.  But kullervo seems
to boot fom the "SCSI" disk, so it would not need an extra boot disk.  
I managed to mount the SCSI disk on my Pentium2, so now I can copy the
installation files onto the Amiga partition.

BTW I found a file called "pula" in the tmp directory, its an i386
executable, I also found it in /var/spool/exim... does anybody know what it
> > In addition to Finn's suggestion - I have had success with stuck spindles in
> > the past by heating the whole disk assembly to around 100C in an oven (the
> > lab type to dry glassware but your home cooking range's oven should do as
> > well), then taking it out while hot, plugging it into the power supply cable
> > and start up. You can try to gently tap the whole disk on a flat surface
> Never tried that...
> BTW, make sure not to use the microwave ;-)

I hope you are joking, April 1st is a month ago!  I already fried the
powersupply of my Amiga when I tried to hook up the disk to it.  I always
forget that is is running on 110V now.  I am not sure if I want to fry the
disk as well, especially as it does not seem to be needed.  BTW does anybody
have a spare A2k powersupply (with 220V please) or an idea how to modify a
"modern" powersupply to replace the one in an A2k?  I once read some
instructions how to convert an AT powersupply, but they are not state of the
art anymore.  What does it need, 12V, 5V, and the tick signal?  Is that so
> > (desk) with the PCB board facing down if it doesn't want to play at first.
> I had success with tapping on the long side near a corner, cfr. the momentum
> thing mentioned before. I always left all cables plugged in, so you immediately
> notice when it works.

I did this once with my notebook when it did not want to spin up for my
talk. In the evening it worked again, but I replaced it when I was back
> >> Crest has a 250GB disk at the SCSI converter plus, if I remember correctly
> >> an IDE disk, since it can not boot from SCSI? Something happens when I
> >> power
> >> it on, but I do not see anything on the monitor, not with the Comodore-VGA
> >> converter, not with my scandoubler, not at the VGA output of the
> >> videocard.
> >> So maybe it did not boot, maybe the old IDE disk is broken? But there
> >> should
> >> be some video output IIRC. C-A-A does reboot the machine (Caps LED is
> >> flashing).
> >
> > Crest hat a big IDE disk for booting. What I've seen with Crest more than
> > once is that one of the slot connectors connecting the 060 board to the main
> > board had come partially unstuck, and I've had to reseat the board on
> > occasion during its tenure in Düsseldorf. Did that at least five times,
> > usually after the box had been moved. Try that perhaps.
> Yep. Had to reseat the CPU board in my A4000 as well.

I'll try that after crest is running again.

> And replace the NiCd clock battery when it started to leak by a modern NiMh
> variant.

I should do that with my A2k. Do you know which part I need?


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