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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2011, Michael Tomkins wrote:

> linux-image-2.6.32-5+m68k.5-mac_2.6.32-30+m68k.5_m68k.deb
> seems pretty stable with occasional 1-5 sec freezes.

I've also seen freezes like you describe when using a mainline kernel 
(most probably 2.6.31 but I don't recall exactly). The problem seemed to 
go away when I upgraded to a more recent kernel (2.6.36). However, I was 
also upgrading gcc at the same time (4.4 plus bug fixes). I never tracked 
down the cause. Suspecting drivers, I generated some backtraces using a 
NMI when it froze but decided that the scheduler was the most likely 
culprit (this is one area of the kernel that gets a lot of churn).

I believe that a newer kernel deb is expected soon. If it would help, I'll 
crank up the etch-m68k cross-compiler and build a current mainline kernel 
for quadras.


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