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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

Michael Tomkins dixit:

> Do I place the devtmpfs in fstab or somewhere in an init.d script?

Kernel command line, IIRC devtmpfs.mount=1 or something like that.
Nice to hear it works, btw! The kernel I provided last only has a
subset of the m68k patches (e.g. no EtherNEC and some of Finn’s
Macintosh patches are missing) so some limits are to be expected.

I should really get onto working on the .37 kernel, I even talked
with waldi about it… RL as usual getting in the way.

We do have udev by the way (although I don’t quite believe in
it), as well as makedev.

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                all day long ;)
(thinking about http://lobacevski.tumblr.com/post/3260866481 by waga)

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