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Re: debian/m68k's future


> > Survival of the port may ultimately depend more on attracting new helpers than 
> > on re-inclusion in the main distribution. 
> I'm inclined to agree. I think we'd have to have a whole lot more 
> interest and support in the port to make it back into sid. Things seem
> to be headed in the other direction atm, so fresh enthusiasm and help
> would be welcome.

Thanks - what do the others think? 
> We also need a plan for crest and kullervo. I think DSA is getting a bit
> perturbed with us.

Rightly so - I had missed last week's mail on that topic :-( 

I'll do what's necessary to admin the two machines, I just can't easily talk to 
staff at the datacenter from the other side of the planet. I'll rely on 
Christian and Ingo for that (IIRC that's what we had tentatively planned some 
time back). 

Backup plan would be to ship the boxes over here (or somewhere else in Europe 


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