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debian/m68k's future

So you may have noticed the following in your buildd logs for python-
depending packages.

| dpkg: regarding .../python-docutils_0.5-3_all.deb containing python-docutils:
|  package uses Breaks; not supported in this dpkg
| dpkg: error processing /srv/chroot/sid/var/cache/apt/archives/python-docutils_0.
| +5-3_all.deb (--unpack):
|  unsupported dependency problem - not installing python-docutils

That's right, our old etch-m68k dpkg doesn't support Breaks.

The options I can think of are.

Option 1: backport dpkg to etch-m68k
	Yuck. etch-m68k is old and likely insecure. Who knows what
	back-porting dpkg would look like.

Option 2: lenny-lite
	Build lenny with base, build-essential, and buildd-required 
	packages. I can probably do this one myself if there's 
	interest. I'll probably include anything required for d-i 

Option 3: lenny
	Go ahead and try to do a lenny release. I think we have
	nearly all the binary packages, but how to shove them into
	an archive intelligently? I'm willing to help if anyone
	knows how and can direct or is otherwise willing to lead.

Option 4: throw in the towel
	Say it's time to retire m68k on debian. We have an ancient 
	glibc with borked threads. gcc-4.3 is fairly broken. A 
	number of packages need some bugs fixed, others need some 
	porting. Not so many helpers these days. Funny thing is with 
	aranym we have plenty of horsepower (although we need to fix 
	the fpu emulation) and with d-ports our buildds won't get 
	locked out of wanna-build. Kernel's probably in the best 
	shape it's been in a long time.



Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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