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Re: FOSDEM thoughts

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 12:51:48PM -0500, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> I'm suprised that network I/O was that slow; using distcc (especially
> with -j2 options passed to dpkg-buildpackage) have drastically sped up
> builds; the files themselves are small, usually a few kilobytes round
> trip. Then again, the files are going through tap0 on my machines so

Well, back then, when I still worked as 3D Operator for Maya and
PowerAnimator, we did some tests between our Amiga (DraCo/Non-linear video
editing system) and our SGIs. We had a throughput of roughly 750 kB/s
sustained and upto 950 kB/s peak under AmigaOS. Granted, AmigaOS might be
faster than Linux in this speed tests. 
Additionally, keep in mind that Amigas using 10 Mbps NICs and therefor it's
quite common that there'll be collisions on the media, because most switches
operate 10 Mbps connections at Half-Duplex mode. 

So, yes, using an emulator like Aranym may significantly speed up network
connections. But when I tested distcc between vivaldi and spice with a
kernel build, I noticed a decrease of build time down to roughly 50%,
although there were two DSL lines and 450 km inbetween these two machines. 
For the records: I just tested Spice with iperf: 5.75 Mbits/sec

Well, yes, 10 Mbps NICs are not state-of-the-art anymore... ;)

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